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How and when to hire a sales agent in 6 steps

If you are ready to manage the sale, you may be ready to hire a sales accountant, representative or team. Growing pain is very true for all small businesses, so it’s important that you’re ready to receive the rented help and the impact it makes on this big decision. If you think of a sales representative to sell your service on your behalf, check out these useful tips to find out how and when it’s appropriate to pull the trigger:

1) Learn your business back and forth

This seems obvious, but your salesman only knows your business like you. Remember that you are responsible for providing your sales agent with all information, knowledge, material and language to succeed in their sales efforts. If you can not answer the general questions of the prospect, how can you expect your sales power? Ultimately, you need to become an expert in your company, so there’s no question what you can do for your customers. Make sure you and your sales team are ready for the new business, from the sales process to aboard, and ultimately your customer retention.

2) Check your sales process

When you are ready to hire a sales person, you may already have some customers. You may have acquired some of those sales from previous business or personal relationships, but you should at least think about what you want to do exactly to sell your product. Think where you blow out and struggle when you lead a tone and make notes. This knowledge will help you to understand what you need in sales and to develop appropriate job descriptions.

3) Write a description of the right job

After steps 1 and 2, you should have an idea of ​​the features that effective sellers need. Put this information on paper and make a job assignment to get the right candidates for your business. When writing your job description, try as detailed as possible in your position description and on your expectations. For example:

“The job needs a cold phone, which results in at least 10 sales a day.”
“This command requires a trip to the business venues of the prospect for sale and conclusion of a sale.”

4) Create an attractive compensation plan

Employee-based employees work hard to get their salary. Underestimate the company that is about not underestimating sales of your product. If you can provide a good base salary with an attractive commission, your sales agent has the right motivation and encouragement to close your business sales.

5) Find the right one

You have everything ready to generate salespeople, go ahead and find the right one and take them for an interview. Some ideas for finding the right candidate can include:

Your own personal and professional network
Local business school
Add your listing to worksheets and categories

And find people with the exact attributes and skills you’re looking for:

Industry experience in the same or similar industry as you
Experience in working with startups so they know what they are dealing with
Independence – The ability to gather information and resources that may be required to present and close sales
Confidentiality with your buyers. If you’re dealing with selling to a mom and pop shop, try to find someone who knows how to do that
Ability to adapt and work with you and your team. The last thing you want is a controversial relationship with an employee.

6) Try the trial

Even with all due diligence you can collect, you do not know if the sales agent will be successful until you give them the chance to perform. With that in mind, try to determine a trial for your sales staff to see if it suits you and your business and vice versa. Make sure you have clear numerical measurement that determines success. That way, after the end of the trial period, you can show the numbers whether you decide to work full-time or not.