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How to earn money by giving a free course

Suppose you can give free and free access to the course.

And suppose you can give a course, making $ 10,000 a month.

Interest? Here’s how the man (we call him Jim) does that:

Jim created an extensive and big course aimed at beginners who want to start an online business.

Note, he has not made it from now on. Instead, he gets the best PLR he can find and returns it in a good course that teaches people about all the important methods of online marketing such as PPC, affiliate marketing, list building, websites running, Amazon, software sales, creating product information, blogging and so forth.

In the course he deals with the basis of each method and encourages his students to choose methods and is working on building their business.

Then he promotes for each method affiliate links for the ‘best’ course in each category.

Now consider the following – he only promotes repetitive courses. These are membership courses and sites that charge from month to month.

So when he makes a sale, he remains paid as long as the person remains a member.

It is even better because it also promotes related products such as web hosting, autoresponder and so on. All that makes sense, work and monthly invoices are products that are likely to be promoted.

And he did not even agree. He also created his own recurring course on each subject. After completing the course, he places it online and then changes the connected links that match his own path.

He likes to make every course six to eight months, because he thinks that the students often stay longer and pay more if there is a visible ‘end’.

And of course, in each of her own courses, she promotes the right product that helps her students build their business better and faster.

He does all this by first establishing trust with his list, showing that he knows what he is talking about and being a reader and a reader.

Creating trust is very important, and it’s also very easy. When giving your readers a good method of money and money, they will trust you. Remember, most marketing emails for online business type products tell customers how amazing something is. They do not know what’s not that great. But he always gives his opinion, both good and bad, and because that person loves him, trust me and do almost everything he says.

So when he goes to promote affiliate links, his readers take his advice without second thoughts.

I know that he deserves at least $ 10,000 a month with this method, and honestly he does not work so hard. The most important thing he focuses on is to bring new people into his free course because he knows that he will eventually generate one or more sales for many of them. And when he does, the sale will repeat.

This is a great business model and can duplicate almost anyone. Remember, your audience is a beginner and people who have never seen success in their online business.

And you can further monitor this if you wish by offering special offers to your readers who have long enough to trust you and also sell solo mail to other marketers.

One thing – If you decide to sell solo ads, we recommend that you only send ads to customers that have not been purchased from you. This is a way to monetize your non-buyer buyers, without disturbing or losing your customers.

Now you can wonder – how do you give your course? The fastest way to do this without relying on other list owners is to create a funnel where you drive paid traffic. Ideally, the funnel is self-liquidating, so it can pay for itself. And you can do this by advertising your free course, and then a backend product that can even break you.