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Responsibilities for Sales Manager – Your first goal to know your person

You’ve worked hard You’ve achieved the goal. As a seller you are at the top of your game. Next, management goes ahead and gives you a new opportunity to become a Sales Manager.

Once the first excitement is recognized and the chance to take responsibility for a larger portfolio, you can sit and think. What is a Sales Manager? What are your new responsibilities and how you work in a way that helps your team?

Initially, the shift of individual employees to first-line leaders was difficult. You will be tempted to do things for your team. Actually, some of your team members can expect you to do this. Hold this temptation. Your role is not to replace sellers or to do their work, but to focus and turn on solutions.
What do you think is a good Sales Managers are business leaders combination, coaches, cheerleaders, shield (blocking things affecting your team sales), analyst (review of goals and results), the point of escalation ( to customers), and lawyers Your team with senior management team and product / finance / price). Given the long list of responsibilities where someone started? What should you focus on getting the best results?

For me, this is always with Tim. It is important to understand each member of your team and to know their specific strengths and weaknesses. It is important to understand and pass individual motives and desires. Motivation and desire will tell you where they want to go. Outbound performance will tell you what they have been able to do in the past and therefore it is useful to expect similar results in the future. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each person is very important as well – you need to know when you invite each individual to build a team.
This is an important secret that seems obvious, but the early Sales Manager tends to forget. You do not have to know everything. You get more trust and support from your team if you are in public for help. If you do not know how something is done, do not make it fake; Confirm and ask for help from your team. This not only will help you build your relationship with your team in a sincere way, but you also have the ability to find the pockets of knowledge in your team that can be shared by everyone.

The point is that you have to work effectively, you have to move your team to not work with you. Sales management is a partnership in which Sales Managers serve transporters as long as sellers are expected to deliver results for the company. The Sales Manager is not only a reseller of information to and from the senior management team, but also a sales partner. A Sales Manager is a source that must be known to sellers The use of so many sales managers must understand how to help the sales force.